Power of Prevent (POP)

Power of Prevent

We have the power to prevent (POP) this devastating disease for future generations.

We have the power to reduce our breast cancer risk by improving our lifestyle.

We have the power to change lives.

Now, let’s get started…



The Power of Prevent (POP) is our new health, wellbeing and lifestyle campaign. It is designed to encourage us to make positive choices in our lives, big and small, to maintain our physical and mental health and reduce our risk. Supported by the power of fundraising, our goal is to maintain our vital research, which will prevent future generations from experiencing this devastating disease. POP is for everyone; adults, children, individuals, families, friends, you can even get your workplace involved!




To raise £240 over 12 months by making healthy changes to your life.

How you raise your funds is entirely up to you. Whether you set yourself a goal for the year, take on a physical challenge each month or organise a wellness event – the choice is yours. Prevent Breast Cancer will guide you with ideas, advice and support.

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Try something new – set yourself a month long POP challenge and ask your family and friends to sponsor you
  • Make a regular small change one less coffee per week and donate what you would have spent towards your target
  • Or organise an event for family and friends later in the year
  • Kick a bad habit – POP a few pounds away a week to replace that bottle of wine, cigarettes or chocolate
  • Throw a POP party – organise an event for your family and friends later in the year




We’re encouraging organisation and business to take on a POP company challenge. It’s the perfect way for your workplace to engage in charitable activity, whilst promoting staff’s wellbeing We will tailor the campaign to suit your needs, incentivise participants with rewards and help you reach your team target.




All you need to do is POP £20 away every 30 days….

Why not try one of these 30 day challenges…

  • Run the 5K May
  • Habit hacks – go chocolate free in June
  • July – go veggie for a month
  • Host a healthy pink picnic for your friends in August
  • Take part in a virtual cycle for September
  • Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October
  • Try the 2-Day Diet in November
  • Send a £20 Christmas gift to Prevent Breast Cancer – December


POP isn’t just a personal promise; its’s also a community. We want you to enjoy the journey every step of the way, which is why we’re making…



To deliver a diverse range of events and activities that will improve your lifestyle and keep you entertained over the next 12 months. Wellness, breast awareness, inspirational speakers, habit hacks, active challenges and so much more.

To incentivise and motivate POP members, you’ll receive:

  • Limited-edition POP postcards designed by Manchester artist Justin Eagleton. To get the full set of 6, you’ll need to collect each card at £40 milestones.
  • Priority access to our events
  • 10% discount on selected Prevent Breast Cancer merchandise
  • A Prevent Breast Cancer t-shirt when you hit 50% of your fundraising goal
  • A pair of pink ZaaZee gym leggings when you reach 75% of your target (limited stock and sizes available in XS,S,M)
  • And be the first to know of our plans



  1. Register for FREE on the form below.
  2. Set up your JustGiving page by CLICKING HERE– your target is already set at £240.  Don’t forget to fill in your personal story and why you’re supporting Prevent Breast Cancer! (If you’d prefer to fundraise offline, we can send you sponsorship forms and collection boxes in our fundraising pack).
  3. When you’ve worked out your plans, email your POP Promise to phoebe@preventbreastcancer.org.uk.

That’s all you need to get started!



We are a community, a family, working towards the same goal: to prevent breast cancer. And that’s the Power of Prevent!