Pets That Prevent Challenge

Pets that PreventIf the true owner of your heart is your pet, then this fundraiser will be right up your street! 

For so many of us, pets are a huge part of our lives. Not only do they give us company, cuddles and a reason to get up and out the door every day, they also can support us through challenging times.

We’re encouraging our supporters to celebrate their four-legged friends and pledge £30 to walk 30 miles in 30 days with their cherished companions.



Why not dress your pets up in pink and share some photos with your friends and family using the hashtag #PetsThatPrevent. Not only to bring them joy, but also to gently remind them to be breast cancer aware. Don’t forget to tag Prevent Breast Cancer so we can enjoy the photos too!

Dogs, cats, horses, tortoises… any animal is welcome to get involved and help us raise awareness and funds to prevent breast cancer. We understand that walking your horse or hamster for 30 miles is an entirely different ball game, but thats all part of the fun!



Sign up to the challenge below. Fill in the form to register your pledge for free. You will then receive a link to either make a £30 donation now, or we will send you a reminder later in the month.

For £1 a day you’ll have the perfect excuse to get out into the beautiful fresh air and spend some quality time with your beloved pet. At the same time knowing you’re helping prevent a devastating disease for future generations.




The idea was born following the success of Francine Goldman’s sponsored dog walk which provided a distraction during her diagnosis and treatment.

Francine raised over £7000 in support of Prevent Breast Cancer. Click here to read all about Francine’s journey in the Bury Times.



Always remember to follow government guidelines around Covid-19 – keep your distance from other walkers and wear a mask.



Prevent Breast Cancer is the only UK charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer – we’re committed to freeing the world from the disease altogether. Unlike many cancer charities, we’re focused on preventing, rather than curing. Promoting early diagnosis, screening and lifestyle changes, we believe we can stop the problem before it starts. And being situated at the only breast cancer prevention centre in the UK, we’re right at the front-line in the fight against the disease.

Join us today and help us create a future free from breast cancer. If you have any questions or concerns, email today.


Pets that Prevent