Leave a gift in your Will

We know the first priority when writing a Will is providing for your loved ones, but many people find they have a little left over to give to a cause that is close to their hearts. Leaving a gift in your Will today for Prevent Breast Cancer could make a huge difference. It costs nothing for you in your lifetime but will have a strong impact on the disease we wish to prevent in the future. Together we can create a breast cancer free future for future generations.


If you decide to leave us a gift it will be greatly appreciated by the women and families who have been helped by our research. By letting us know that you have left Prevent Breast Cancer a gift in your Will, it helps us to plan our future studies with more confidence. While it is not legally binding and you can of course change your mind at any time, it does help the charity to plan ahead.


There are two ways to remember Prevent Breast Cancer in your Will.

  • A residual gift – you can leave a percentage of what is left – no matter how big or small. This type of legacy is the most valuable to the charity as it will keep pace with inflation and won’t affect what your friends and family receive. It can also reduce the need for regularly updating your will.
  • A pecuniary gift – this a set amount of money. The value of this amount can decrease over time with inflation, for example a gift of £1,000 pledged today will be less valuable in future years as the cost of living increases.


If you do not have a Will and wish to make one, you can make a difference immediately.

To request more information on leaving a gift in your Will please contact the Prevent Breast Cancer team on 0161 291 4400 or by email info@preventbreastcancer.org.uk.