London 2 Paris for Morag Siller

A group of us will be cycling 320 miles from London 2 Paris in memory of our inspirational friend, Morag Siller, in September.

Morag was a talented actress and a dedicated Patron of the charity who helped to raise £100,000s. Morag had a zest for life, she was mischievous and feisty, but most of all she had a heart of gold. Despite being diagnosed with incurable cancer she continued to work hard and perform in plays and on TV, she did not let breast cancer beat her down! Which is why we’ve challenged ourselves to do something we wouldn’t usually do and to put ourselves completely out of our comfort zone.

This is a huge challenge for us and we are determined to raise as much as we can for Prevent Breast Cancer. The charity exists to create a future free from breast cancer, where there is no before or after diagnosis. Thanks to better predictive tools and early intervention, we truly believe that for future generations, breast cancer will be a thing of the past. This means acting now, to help more people live a life that’s free from the disease. It means funding research aimed solely at preventing breast cancer. And it means creating a world where thousands of people are spared from ever experiencing the pain and suffering it causes.

Thank you for your support #ForMorag