Our Christmas Appeal


Thank you for your interest in our Christmas Appeal.


We are excited to announce that this year’s Christmas Appeal is for our ground-breaking Lobular Breast Cancer Gene project. Lobular Breast Cancer accounts for one in ten cases of the disease and affects the milk producing glands (or ‘lobules’) within the breast, but little is known of its causes.

By donating to our Christmas appeal, you will give a gift that could help Prevent Breast Cancer achieve another scientific breakthrough, changing lives for many years to come. It’s quick and easy to do and we guarantee that donating will get you in the Christmas spirit!

Our pioneering research will contribute significantly to the world’s understanding of lobular breast cancer, breaking new ground in the fight against the disease and paving the way for personalised screening and specialist treatments for all those the disease affects. Scientists will undertake ‘whole genome sequencing’, a cutting edge technique which screens the body’s 25,000 genes at once, helping us to identify genetic variations that increase the risk of this disease developing.

Every penny makes a difference, so all gifts are welcome, however big or small. We hope you can join us in supporting this project.