Our Christmas Appeal

This year for our annual Christmas Appeal we are asking you to support our Breast Density and Gene Mutations project. This exciting new gene research project has the potential to help scientists around the world learn more about the causes of breast cancer.

Breast density is one of the biggest risk factors for developing breast cancer. If a woman has a high level of breast density – indicated by a whiteness of the mammogram – they are sadly up to six times more likely to develop the disease. We want to find out why this is the case. This study will look closer at the cancer-causing mutations that occur within the DNA of cells in denser breast tissue.

This is a very important issue in breast cancer research. Although scientists have known for since the 1970s that breast density increases breast cancer risk, not enough research has taken place to find out why this is the case. This is in contrast to, for example, skin cancer, where scientists know exactly why DNA in cells change when they are hit by UV rays. Unfortunately, this is a little bit like trying to fix a car without understanding how an engine works!

We hope our new project can help change the status quo and lead to breakthroughs in the prediction and prevention of breast cancer

Every penny makes a difference, so all gifts are welcome, however big or small. We hope you can join us in supporting this project.