This week we continue with our series of blogs introducing our Trustees to our supporters. Their names and faces will be familiar to many, but perhaps you don’t know how they came to be involved with the charity. This week we have the pleasure of introducing Diana.





How did you get involved?

I asked for a volunteer application form when being treated for breast cancer, at The Nightingale Centre, back in 2010.  I’ve a corporate background in brand marketing and innovation management, so Nikki asked me to help her with the charity’s branding as she led the charity through its transition from Genesis to Prevent Breast Cancer.


Why did you get involved?

I bought into the charity’s vision as something really relevant to me; to help prevent future generations of women having their lives shortened by breast cancer by funding research into preventative measures such as early diagnosis, screening and preventative drugs.  I have 2 daughters and the last thing I want is for them to have to endure the uncertainty that the disease presents and the treatment that’s involved; the chemotherapy drugs, the radiotherapy, the scans and the hospital visits.  Let’s try and prevent that!


Personal highlight

I’ve had lots of personal highlights as I’ve helped to raise money for the charity through various fund raising events and activities. I’ve cycled well over a 1000 miles, from London to Paris, from Salzburg to Vienna, as well as lots of smaller rides and loved every mile but more importantly I’ve made some amazing friends.


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Christine Lee-Jones