Mini Sport holds fundraiser for Prevent Breast Cancer

The design and manufacture of 20 intricate, miniature Mini Sport Ltd. models has led to a funding boost of £21,000 for Prevent Breast Cancer.


The generous donation was raised by attendees of Mini specialist, Mini Sport’s, 50th anniversary gala dinner, who bid on the limited edition models in a silent auction during the fundraiser.


Fundraiser | Mini Sport Gala


Mini Sport is the world’s premier Mini specialist, servicing more than 100 countries with Mini parts as well as restoration, repair and servicing of Minis.


Celebrating its 50th anniversary in business, the company decided to host a special auction for Prevent Breast Cancer after its founder, Heather Harper, successfully battled breast cancer under the care of our very own chairman, Lester Barr.


Heather said: “When Mini Sport celebrated 50 years in business, the family decided to make part of the evening a fundraising event, and asked me which charity I most wanted to support.  I had no hesitation in putting forward Prevent Breast Cancer. For myself, my husband and family, it is a small gesture of appreciation for all the care and understanding extended by Mr Barr and his team during the past two and half years, and still ongoing. It’s important to me to help fund current research which will hopefully result in saving others in the years ahead.”


Fundraiser | Mini Sport


The 20 miniature models were made in the company’s engineering department. Replicas of the historic rally Mini ‘NCK’, the aluminium models took around 600 hours to design and manufacture. They became the table centrepieces at the company’s anniversary gala before being silently auctioned, with the 20 highest bidders each walking away with this unique piece of Mini history and raising over £21,000 for the charity during the fundraiser.




Heather continued: “I’ve previously had mouth cancer and ended up seeking private treatment after experiencing delays under the care of the NHS. I was fortunate enough to find a specialist called Mr Brian Musgrove to treat my mouth cancer and, in turn, two and half years later he recommended Mr Lester Barr to me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For me, these are two of the very finest surgeons, who to this day continue to give me the highest level of care, support and understanding which I will always be thankful for, and appreciate so much.”

Fundraising | Mini Sport