With just a few days to go until Team Prevent is cycling in Prudential RideLondon-Surrey, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make sure that you’re ride ready on 4th August…

Don’t overdo it

Tempting as it may be to cram in some last-minute training in the days leading up to your challenge, be careful not to push yourself too hard! Over-training can lead to fatigue and dips in performance, which isn’t what you need in the days leading up to the challenge. Feel free to go for some more gentle rides over these days, but make sure you give yourself enough time to fully recover.

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Be prepared

To avoid any unnecessary pre-ride stress, check that you have got all of your gear the night before. We know that the British weather is unpredictable, so check the weather forecast to make sure that you have the right clothing for the weather conditions – although even if it’s promising glorious sunshine, err on the side of caution and pack something waterproof! Make sure that your water bottles are full and that you’ve packed enough snacks and energy gels – ideally, you should aim to consume around 500 calories per hour of the ride, so check that you have enough to cover this.

Check your bike

The last thing you need is to discover a puncture as you’re heading off in the morning, so check your bike over the day before. Test your brakes to ensure that they are working properly and aren’t showing any signs of damage. Look over your tyres to ensure that the pressure is adequate and that there isn’t any debris lodged in the rubber. Clean your bike chain and check that it’s properly lubricated and test your gears to make sure that they are all working.

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Fuel your body

The day before the challenge, base all of your meals around carbs – think pasta salads, wraps, jacket potatoes and sandwiches with lean meat and vegetables. On the morning of the challenge, aim to eat your breakfast two hours before it starts. Opt for porridge or cereal with toast and jam – you’ll need slow-release carbohydrates to provide the energy that you need.

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Check the details

There’s nothing more stressful than realising that you’ve had the wrong time or location in mind, so check over all the details in advance! Print off the directions and start times if you think that might help and set off earlier than you think you’ll need to. Get your race number on, take your final toilet break and have a quick warm-up!

Enjoy yourself!

After all, it’s probably one of the reasons that you’re doing it – because it will be fun! RideLondon and other cycling challenges are memorable and enjoyable experiences, and you’ve worked hard to get there, so it’s time to reap the rewards.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has signed up to cycle on behalf of Team Prevent for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey – but, if you missed out, we have plenty of other cycling events on the horizon that you can sign up for.

See you at the finish line!

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