Cucumber Clothing: Revolution in Nightwear

Who we are, and what we do


Cucumber began with the modest ambition of helping every woman look and feel her best, night and day.



We realised that for so many women, stellar jugglers, all keeping multiple balls in the air while their bodies were being controlled by fluctuating hormones meant that a calm, cool, sweat –free appearance could be difficult to maintain.  Cucumber’s intelligent, cutting–edge fabrics and simple, beautiful nightwear and leisurewear pieces, are designed to plug that gap.

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Body temperature changes affect every woman during her lifetime, everything from a simple sunny holiday, pregnancy and postpartum, all the way through to peri-menopause/menopause, as well as the effects of conditions like diabetes or medical treatments.

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All our pieces look and feel gorgeous, are wash and wear, require no ironing and dry incredibly quickly due to our unique fabric technology that wicks moisture speedily up and away. We feel Cucumber is the future of fashion!


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We launched only four months ago, and have been overwhelmed by the response, with write-ups in The Daily Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine as well as across multiple websites and blogs. Most importantly we have had orders from around the world from all kinds of women, many of whom have ordered not just once, but multiple times.


Working with Prevent Breast Cancer


From the start we have wanted to create a community that emphasises caring and sharing. So even before we launched, we contacted Prevent Breast Cancer whose work we admired.  We wanted as many women as possible to feel the benefits of wearing Cucumber – that is, to feel beautiful inside and out! Nikki has been a huge pleasure to work with and we are looking forward to more collaboration in 2018.


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Meanwhile, Cucumber is growing fast, and we hope you sign up to our newsletter where you can read about our upcoming new collections, get some top tips for 2018 and join our fabulous community.

Happy New Year!