Come walk with us: Manchester hotspots for a Sunday stroll

Hi my name is Vicki and I’m a personal trainer and fitness blogger based in Manchester. The majority of my fitness is done in a gym but sometimes it’s nice to get outside and explore. Walking is one of the most underrated ways of keeping fit – it doesn’t have to be an epic one, but just getting out and about and moving more will give you lots of health benefits. It’s also a great way to clear your mind, explore the area around you and work out while socialising if you go with a friend.

Here are my favourite walks to do within Manchester City Centre this summer.

1. Manchester City Centre

Manchester City Centre Stroll

I live right in the middle of the city so walking tends to just be to or from things. However, it’s lovely that you can go on a 5km walk through the city passing beautiful buildings and iconic monuments. I start out from my flat which is opposite Manchester Cathedral and walk towards St Peters Square. From there, I tend to walk past Manchester Central and the Bridgewater Hall towards Castlefield. This the favourite part of my walk, along the Canal at Castlefield as it doesn’t feel like I’m in Manchester thanks to the canal boats everywhere. From here I continue to Spinningfields and then home alongside the river. In the evening or on a Sunday morning is probably my favourite time to do this walk.

2. Bridgewater Way

Manchester City Centre 3

I work at The Gym Altrincham which is in Broadheath on a retail park and sometimes I just need some fresh air and going to the local Aldi isn’t going to cut it! Instead, I like to get onto the canal path and walk – all you need to do is follow the canal. This goes to Altrincham and onto Dunham Massey as well as the other way towards Timperly, Sale and Stretford. So, if you wanted a long walk you could start at Stretford and walk all the way to Dunham Massey, around and then back. I tend to do the two to three miles there and back. On a sunny day, this walk is stunning!

3. Piccadilly Basin, Islington Marina, Piccadilly Village

Manchester walks

This is about 3.5km in total but it can be made longer or shorter depending on where you start. The walk is along the Aston Canal. We started at Piccadilly Basin and walked to the New Islington Marina before turning back on ourselves and carrying on to Piccadilly Village, then headed back to the basin. What I love about this walk is the fact it is about five minutes away from the station, yet you find yourself in a beautiful idyllic marina. It is really easy to follow and you can keep going along the canal to Clayton Vale if you wanted a longer walk. Just be careful of the geese … there are a lot of them!

So, there you go three walks that can be done within Manchester that don’t require a car to get to. The best way to discover the place you live and work is to explore it and what better way than going on a walk, especially in the summer time.

Thank you Prevent Breast Cancer – it has been an honour to write for you. You can find my fitness blog here