Chris & Gabs World Cycling Tour

Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

On the 9th of July 2018, Chris & Gabs will be setting off on a World Cycling Tour.

Starting from our home here at the Nightingale Centre, this epic journey will see them cycle over 100,000 km across 7 continents, and will take around 7 years.

If just reading those figures leaves you breathless, pencil in the fact that many areas won’t have roads, and some mountain passes are almost impassable, even harder given the fact that their bikes will weigh over 55kg when loaded with kit! Now, that’s some going!

Chris & Gabs world cycling tour prevent breast cancer


Gabriella, affectionately known as Gabs, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2017. After finishing her chemotherapy in August 2017, she has channelled all her headstrong determination into making breast cancer a thing of the past for future generations.


Together with her fiancé Chris, they will be pushing themselves to the limit with the aim to raise over £100,000 for Prevent Breast Cancer. They’ll be starting this massive challenge only a few weeks after Gabs has her final Herceptin Injection to finish her treatment!

They are 100% self-funding the tour, meaning that all donations and sponsorship go directly to the charity. Chris and Gabs have already contacted various television and radio stations across the world and are determined to let their presence be known in every country they visit.

Chris & Gabs on beach with bikes Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK