Author: Chris and Gabs – August 31st, 2018

Cycling for…          45 Days 

Pedaling over…    1736km 

Through…              4 countries 

Currently in…         the Netherlands! 

Raising so far…      £2,617.81


Chris and Gabs World Cycling Tour Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK



After months of grueling training and planning, it was an emotional departure for Chris and Gabs (C&G) as they set off from the Nightingale Centre on 9th July 2019.

Family, friends and supporters gathered to wave C&G goodbye – including ITV Granada News, who took a particular interest in the impressive 110kg of kit that they are carrying between them! Gabs also got the opportunity to say goodbye to her breast surgeon, James Harvey. 

The crowd counted down and cheered C&G on as they set off for Buxton to meet their first Mayor.



…they’ve pedalled up and over the hills to Dover and have been greeted by 13 Mayors along the way! They’ve hopped across the channel to venture through France, Belgium and they are currently in the Netherlands nearing the German border!





Even though the tour was hectic at times, cycling over many hills and busy roads not to mention the great hot weather, the ‘Meet the Mayor’ was a great success and has been reported in newspapers all over!  

C&G have most definitely raised awareness of breast cancer and ensured that everyone they meet knows our name! 

A visit that really stood out to C&G was with the Mayor of Belper, Tim Sutton. Tim had only recently lost his wife to breast cancer, 4 onths prior to their visit, which was why he agreed to meet with C&G. 

They felt honored to meet him. Click here to view a video of their experience.











C&G managed to avoid most of the bad weather with only 2 days of rain in the Zeeland region of the Netherlands. However, some very strong head winds set a challenge as they cycled past some classic Dutch dams as shown below! 

Most of C&G’s nights are spent wild camping although for some urban locations they source campsites. Below is Gabs embracing the tent life!





Lady at the bus stop 

“We stopped at a shop for water just outside Manchester and a lady that was sat at a bus stop across the road came over to talk to us. She had been reading our PBC flag on our bikes and asked what we were doing. 

She told us that on the same morning she had found a lump on her breast and had thought nothing of it and was going to leave it. However, after talking with us she made an appointment to see her doctor and has since messaged us to say she has an appointment at a breast clinic!’





C&G have found that many of the people they have spoken to have been affected in some way by cancer, therefore they’ve witnessed many teary eyes to say the least…! However, some excellent news is that despite only finishing her treatment a month before setting off, Gabs is managing great and is all going to plan!




What’s next?  

“We are heading across to Germany – Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and then to the Black Forest area as Gabs wants to taste the Black Forest gateau.” 

Chris and Gabs

Chris O’Hare and Gabriella Gratrix are no strangers to a challenge, but this year will see them face the biggest challenge of all, as they set off to cycle around the world for Prevent Breast Cancer.

This epic journey will see them cycle over 100,000 km across 7 continents, and will take around 7 years.

If just reading those figures leaves you breathless, pencil in the fact that many areas won’t have roads, and some mountain passes are almost impassable, even harder given the fact that their bikes will weigh over 55kg when loaded with kit! Now, that’s some going!