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  • Breakfast from a diet day. Delicious.

    Please can we have a balanced discussion about a balanced diet?

    Dr Michelle Harvie is an award-winning research dietitian funded by Prevent Breast Cancer. For the last 17 years she has specialised in optimum diet and exercise strategies for weight loss and preventing breast cancer...

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  • BreastScreening137x87

    Milestone Step Towards Personalised Care

    Medical researchers are constantly making advances in the study of breast cancer but, from time to time, certain studies are considered breakthroughs – and one such breakthrough in relation to gene research was publicised...

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  • Breakfast from a diet day. Delicious.

    Being in love and on a diet – Part Four

    A funny thing happened this morning. I hadn’t weighed myself for a bit, so I thought I’d hop on the scales, and see how I was getting on. Anyway, it showed that I was...

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  • Morag-Siller

    In Memory of Morag Siller

    We are devastated at the loss of our inspirational Patron, actress Morag Siller. Morag was a passionate supporter of Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, who worked tirelessly and selflessly to raise funds and awareness of...

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  • soup 3

    Diet number 18,000 – Part Three

    My love hate relationship with food has always been hanging around my neck, pulling me either towards the fridge, or paradoxically towards the gym, depending on my will power. My will power is quite...

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  • Cliona-Kirwan

    Surgeon and Scientist Cliona’s Marathon Challenge

    Breast cancer reconstructive surgeon and one of our lead clinical researchers, Cliona Kirwan, is taking on the incredible challenge of running this year’s Lakeland Marathon. The Lakeland Marathon takes place in the heart of...

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  • balloons for website

    The Genesis FUNKraiser Ball 2016

    Soap stars and scientists were among those who turned out to support Genesis as we marked our 20th anniversary this weekend at the Hilton in Manchester. As you know, we are the UK’s only...

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  • Moonface

    Trouble in France when not on a diet – Part Deux

    Just wanted to start today’s blog with a massive thank you for the wonderful comments I received after the publication of my first piece. It was so nice to be met with such positivity...

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  • Running Playlist

    What’s your favourite running song?

    We’ve compiled our favourite running a songs to pull us through the doldrums of winter training and to get us pumped up for this year’s Great Manchester Run. We’d love to hear what your...

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  • 3DMammography137x87

    3D Mammography & Breast Density

    You may have seen in the news this week that the European Breast Cancer Conference is being held in Amsterdam and many of the topics being discussed are already making waves in the UK...

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  • Laura 1st blog 137 x 87

    The 2-Day Diet and Me

    My name is Laura and I work for Prevent Breast Cancer, and quite frankly, I need to lose weight. Luckily for ‘big boned’ me, here at Prevent Breast Cancer we fund Dr. Michelle Harvie, the UK’s first dietitian looking...

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  • GeneResearchFEature

    New Breast Cancer Blood Tests

    When it comes to cancer – namely breast – in the news, rarely a week goes by without a new piece of research coming to light. Whether it’s a radical treatment claiming to eradicate...

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  • Diet and Lifestyle - Prevent Breast Cancer


    With January officially behind us and our ‘new year, new you’ mantras slipping, many of us are deciding whether to stick to our health kick until summer or take a big sigh of relief...

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  • Michelle Harvie Research Dietitian Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

    Exploring the Link Between Obesity and Cancer

    By Dr Michelle Harvie, research dietitian at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention A recent report has suggested that almost 700,000 more people in the UK could develop cancer in the next 20 years because they...

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  • Aneglina Jolie - Prevent Breast Cancer


    Angelina Jolie’s brave step to undergo a preventative mastectomy has generated a huge surge in the number of high-risk women who attended the Genesis Prevention Centre choosing to have the procedure, according to Genesis’...

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