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  • healthy porridge recipes


    My name is Pamela aka SpamellaB, a music-loving, health and fitness-obsessed Manchester-based blogger and freelancer working with health food brands doing recipe creation, content and social. It’s a pleasure to provide this post for...

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  • Blog september little

    A diet, but not as you know it – Part 8

      Many moons ago when I was finally slim and healthy, I swore to myself that I’d never go back to old miserable fat me. Exercise was just as natural as breathing, for every...

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  • shutterstock_181678289


    The link between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and breast cancer risk has been a controversial and highly disputed subject for many years. However, this week, the results of a large study into the effect...

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  • Healthy Flapjacks


    Whether it’s the appeal of freshly baked bread at an Artisan Market or a nation enthralled by The Great British Bake Off there is no denying that baking is back. We understand that all...

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  • ring1

    To diet or not to diet – Part 7

      So, I’ve put weight on, and I can tell you exactly where I’ve put it…on my left hand, on my wedding finger, for I am engaged to be married. Just writing those words...

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  • meditterenian-diet blog sml

    The Original 5:2 Diet – Part 6

    Hello everyone, and welcome back to my musings on the 2-Day Diet. I’ve decided to take a different slant this week, and by that I mean I’m going to try and be more positive. My...

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  • Diet - Prevent Breast Cancer

    The 2-Day Diet Could Cut Breast Cancer Risk

    Diet and lifestyle is a key area of research at Prevent Breast Cancer and this week saw one of our latest research studies within that field capture the attention of the media. The study,...

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  • healthy food small

    Rhino blood and dieting – Part 5

    As a rule, I don’t swim. I’m actually a very good swimmer, but since my weight struggles, I don’t do water in public. The thought of being in a costume is completely anathema to...

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  • Breakfast from a diet day. Delicious.

    Please can we have a balanced discussion about a balanced diet?

    Dr Michelle Harvie is an award-winning research dietitian funded by Prevent Breast Cancer. For the last 17 years she has specialised in optimum diet and exercise strategies for weight loss and preventing breast cancer...

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  • Breakfast from a diet day. Delicious.

    Being in love and on a diet – Part Four

    A funny thing happened this morning. I hadn’t weighed myself for a bit, so I thought I’d hop on the scales, and see how I was getting on. Anyway, it showed that I was...

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  • soup 3

    Diet number 18,000 – Part Three

    My love hate relationship with food has always been hanging around my neck, pulling me either towards the fridge, or paradoxically towards the gym, depending on my will power. My will power is quite...

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  • Laura 1st blog 137 x 87

    The 2-Day Diet and Me

    My name is Laura and I work for Prevent Breast Cancer, and quite frankly, I need to lose weight. Luckily for ‘big boned’ me, here at Prevent Breast Cancer we fund Dr. Michelle Harvie, the UK’s first dietitian looking...

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  • The 2-Day Diet

    Breast Cancer Prevention Diet   We developed The 2-Day Diet, here at The Prevent Breast Cancer Research Unit. We have run a number of clinical trials of the 2 day diet since 2006, which...

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