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  • Michelle Harvie Research Dietitian Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK


    Dr Michelle Harvie is an award-winning research dietitian funded by Prevent Breast Cancer. She’s been a leader in her field for well over 20 years and has had her findings published in many major...

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  • regular drinking cut the risk of diabetes | Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

    Can regular drinking cut the risk of diabetes?

    Last week’s breaking news tells us that drinking alcohol on 3- 4 days of the week reduces the chances of diabetes compared to people who don’t drink at all or rarely drink. The report comes from...

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  • Manchester City Centre Stroll

    Come walk with us: Manchester hotspots for a Sunday stroll

    Hi my name is Vicki and I’m a personal trainer and fitness blogger based in Manchester. The majority of my fitness is done in a gym but sometimes it’s nice to get outside and...

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  • healthy porridge recipes

    Can fasting diets help you to lose weight?

    Recent headlines reported that “fasting diets” are no more effective for long term weight loss than standard daily dieting. These headlines were reporting on a US study that used alternate-day fasting to help people...

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  • Suburban Turban Prevent Breast Cancer Blog UK

    Cancer, Wigs and You

    This week, we have another guest blog from Suburban Turban. Check out their first blog on hair loss during cancer treatment if you missed it! In this new blog, they explore the different...

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  • Suburban Turban Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

    Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

    This week, we have a guest blog from Suburban Turban, which provides beautiful hats, scarves and turbans for women who are looking for something fashionable to wear while going through hair loss as a...

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  • brain

    Exercise & Cognitive Function – how to keep your brain fit

    Our Research Dietitian, Dr Michelle Harvie, updates us on the latest research into exercise and cognitive function. We know that regular physical activity is important for reducing breast cancer risk. Doing 150 minutes of...

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  • Cupcake Prevent Breast Cancer Obesity Blog

    Obesity – how prejudiced is the National Health Service?

    Our Research Dietitian, Dr Michelle Harvie, has shared with us her thoughts on a recent TV programme ‘Obesity – how prejudiced is the NHS?’ . The programme has sparked a lot of debate about how...

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  • afternoon tea


    It’s a pleasure to be invited to write for the Prevent Breast Cancer website about one of my favourite things, afternoon tea! I’m Donna, a Manchester girl at heart who writes about fashion and lifestyle over at Polkadot Pink. Working...

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  • me and andy

    Confessions Of A Sinner and The 2-Day Diet

    Forgive me Father for I have sinned, and these are my confessions. It has been 6 days since all hell broke loose, and I sought comfort in 1am fish and chips after spending half...

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  • blog me 3

    The 2-Day Diet, burgers and back fat

    I start today’s blog on Valentine’s Day, and for me today is a day associated with sumptuous romantic meals for two paired with heart shaped chocolates galore, all washed down with red wine or...

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  • laura blog

    The 2-Day Diet, and the ramblings of a yo-yo dieter…

    Greetings. I trust you are all well, and settling in to 2017. So, hands up who’s on a health kick then? And hands up who’s already thought balls to it, and sought comfort in...

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  • healthy porridge recipes


    My name is Pamela aka SpamellaB, a music-loving, health and fitness-obsessed Manchester-based blogger and freelancer working with health food brands doing recipe creation, content and social. It’s a pleasure to provide this post for...

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  • Blog september little

    A diet, but not as you know it – Part 8

      Many moons ago when I was finally slim and healthy, I swore to myself that I’d never go back to old miserable fat me. Exercise was just as natural as breathing, for every...

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  • shutterstock_181678289


    The link between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and breast cancer risk has been a controversial and highly disputed subject for many years. However, this week, the results of a large study into the effect...

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