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  • Marcus Wilson Prevent Breast Cancer

    Marcus Wilson: Why I chose Prevent Breast Cancer

    Marcus Wilson has been a regular supporter of Prevent Breast Cancer for many years, and recently took on the Great Manchester Run.     We asked Marcus what motivated him to take on this...

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  • Rebecca Newey Prevent Breast Cancer Half Marathon

    Rebecca Newey: Why I chose Prevent Breast Cancer

    Rebecca recently took on the Coventry Half Marathon, to raise money for Prevent Breast Cancer.     We asked Rebecca how she found the experience of taking on a sporting challenge…   What made you...

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  • me and andy

    Confessions Of A Sinner and The 2-Day Diet

    Forgive me Father for I have sinned, and these are my confessions. It has been 6 days since all hell broke loose, and I sought comfort in 1am fish and chips after spending half...

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  • Ian Bentley male breast Cancer story


    Helping to raise awareness for male breast cancer is very important to this week’s inspiration, Ian Bentley. Ian knew that his family was at risk of developing breast cancer. His mum, grandma, aunt, and...

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  • Sarah-Saphier-1024x768-min


    This week’s inspirational breast cancer story comes from Sarah Saphier, whose experience with breast cancer is an extremely rare one. Sarah is a huge supporter of Prevent Breast Cancer and, having children herself, is...

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  • Peter Fleming Thumbnail


    When Peter, 83, found a lump in his breast in late 2004 when he was 71, he recalls no mention of breast cancer being made when he visited his GP. After delays, Peter was...

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  • Emma Neville Breast Cancer story


    Love is in the air for one of our dearest supporters this Valentine’s Day Emma Neville thought that she may never get the chance to be a mother when diagnosed with breast cancer at...

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  • Charley Wood


    In 2015, at the age of 26, Charley Wood had a preventative double mastectomy. With her mum sadly passing away when she was 17 due to ovarian cancer, Charley decided to get tested for...

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  • Lindsay Occleston cancer story


    When Lindsay Occleston received a diagnosis of breast cancer, she developed a tenacious desire to beat the disease and remain cancer-free. She did this partly by educating herself on the importance of living a...

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  • Diana Harris cancer story


    For Diana Harris, battling breast cancer meant a complete change of perspective. After climbing the corporate ladder for 25 years, she plumped for a change in direction and decided to start her own business...

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  • London 2 Paris, Michelle Harvie, James Harvey

    A day in the life of Michelle Harvie – London to Paris 2016

    Prevent Breast Cancer dietitian, Michelle Harvie, took on this year’s London 2 Paris bike ride, alongside a team of 33 other riders. This is her story of the 320 mile trip setting off from...

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  • London 2 Paris Group

    The London 2 Paris Cycle Challenge – Our Story

    On Wednesday the 21st September 2016, the Prevent Breast Cancer London 2 Paris Cycle Challenge team set off on their epic 320 mile ride across Southern England and Northern France. This is our story…....

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  • Danny Whitby

    Danny’s Four Marathons for Morag

    Danny Whitby is taking on the incredible challenge of running four marathons in 12 months in Memory of Morag Siller a dear friend and patron of Prevent Breast Cancer. This is his story:  “My...

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  • Morag-Siller

    In Memory of Morag Siller

    We are devastated at the loss of our inspirational Patron, actress Morag Siller. Morag was a passionate supporter of Prevent Breast Cancer, who worked tirelessly and selflessly to raise funds and awareness of our...

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  • Laura 1st blog 137 x 87

    The 2-Day Diet and Me

    My name is Laura and I work for Prevent Breast Cancer, and quite frankly, I need to lose weight. Luckily for ‘big boned’ me, here at Prevent Breast Cancer we fund Dr. Michelle Harvie, the UK’s first dietitian looking...

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