Caroline Barrett: ‘I won’t let cancer stand in my way after diagnosis at 36’

Author: Caroline Barrett - March 17, 2022

Every year, Paul Barrett organises ‘Round the Resers’, a 5-mile running trail around Glossop’s Valehouse Resevoir. This year is particularly significant because Paul’s wife, Caroline Barrett, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. The pair, alongside colleagues, family and friends, are dedicated to supporting the charity in the hope of making breast cancer a preventable disease for future generations. Caroline is determined not to let cancer stand in her way of making the most out of life.


Caroline Barrett



‘My husband organises this event every year, and I usually run it. As I am currently being treated for breast cancer it will be more of a challenge for me this year. But, I am determined not to let cancer get in the way of me doing what I enjoy. We also wanted to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for Prevent Breast Cancer and ensure something positive comes out of our experience.

In January 2021, I noticed my breast didn’t look quite right and I discovered a lump. I was referred to The Nightingale Centre, at Wythenshawe Hospital. After multiple scans and biopsies, I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. As a fit and healthy 36-year-old with no family history of breast cancer, this came as a big shock. The diagnosis came on our 2-month wedding anniversary and a month later, I had a mastectomy and lymph node biopsy. Unfortunately, the biopsy showed my lymph nodes were also affected. So, I am now undergoing 6 rounds of chemotherapy before further surgery to remove the rest of my lymph nodes and then radiotherapy.


Caroline Barrett



Prevent Breast Cancer’s mission to turn breast cancer into a preventable disease struck a chord with me. It would be amazing to prevent others from having to go through what I am going through. I was also keen to support a local charity and Prevent Breast Cancer is based at the hospital where I work and am being treated.

I’m immensely proud of us all for completing the run and raising so much money for such an important cause. It’s given me such a boost during a difficult time and though it felt tougher than normal, I’m glad my diagnosis and treatment hasn’t stopped me doing what I love.

Caroline and Paul, supported by the MFT Pharmacy team have raised over £5,400 to date. Click here to visit their JustGiving page and support their incredible efforts.