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A survey has been launched to bring together organisations, individuals with breast cancer, carers and clinicians to identify their research priorities in the field of breast cancer surgery.

We, as part of the Academic and Research Committee of the Association of Breast Surgery are contributing as partners on the initiative along with others such as the wider Association of Breast Surgery and The Royal College of Surgeons of England, Breast Cancer Now and Independent Cancer Patients’ Voice.

You may have some unanswered questions about breast cancer surgery and a good idea of what knowledge and support would make a difference to your quality of life or those that you care for or work with.

The topics we are covering are:

  • Identification and management of women at increased risk of breast cancer
  • Assessment, diagnosis and choice of initial treatment for women with breast cancer
  • Surgical techniques, technologies and devices, including questions about breast conservation (breast preserving surgery) and breast reconstruction
  • Interactions between surgery and other treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Quality of life issues (in both the short and long term) related to the surgery for breast cancer

We encourage you to take part in this survey here and let us know where you think research should be directed in the future. It will take just 5 minutes to complete and is open to anyone with a personal or professional connection to breast cancer surgery. The goal is to increase government funding for breast cancer surgery research and the process has a track record of success, incentivising researchers to respond to patient priorities and bringing greater cohesion amongst organisations.

Know someone else that has a connection to breast cancer surgery? Share this with them so that we can receive a good level of responses from the whole community. You could send it on to your own family members, carers or healthcare professionals. Thank you for your help.

Complete the Survey –  make yourself heard.

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Published On: April 9th, 2021 /

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