Prof Tony Howell

Professor Tony Howell is Prevent Breast Cancer’s Scientific Director. He is also a Professor of Medical Oncology at The University of Manchester. Tony has specialised in treating breast cancer for over 30 years and now focuses on pharmacological and lifestyle measures to prevent breast cancer. He is Chairman of several international breast trials and is the former Chairman of the UK Breast Trials organisation (UKCCCR), the British Breast Group and the ATAC trial. Up to the end of 2007, Tony was the Research & Development Director of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Research Director of the Greater Manchester & Cheshire Cancer Research Network. He is also the former Director of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit, and the Manchester Breast Centre. Tony was the Chief Investigator of the IBIS-II Prevention Study.

Tony enjoys lecturing internationally and has had published over 600 scientific papers and book chapters, mainly concerning the biology of the breast and the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. Click here to read more about our research projects.