Early Detection & Screening

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Breast Cancer Early Detection & Screening

This page explains more about Prevent Breast Cancer‘s early detection and screening research projects. If you would like to donate directly to this research pillar to help fund this area of our work, please click here and choose ‘Early Detection and Screening’ as the project.

Screening is essential to ensure that breast cancer is caught as early as possible and that people are provided with the treatment that is right for them. Until we can completely prevent the disease through gene research, preventative drugs and diet and lifestyle, we will continue to undertake high-quality research into improving the screening process for breast cancer.

Prevent Breast Cancer’s researchers are working on four key research projects in this area:

  • Forget Me Not – over-diagnosis is sometimes discussed in the media because early breast cancers do not always develop into aggressive metastatic breast cancers. For this study, our researchers are trying to find out which early breast cancers are most likely to develop into aggressive breast cancers.
  • Molecular Basis of Breast Density –  this project looks closely at breast tissue to find out why more genetic mutations occur in denser breasts.
  • PROCAS 2 – standing for ‘Prediction of Cancer at Screening’, we hope this project will change screening process for breast cancer within the NHS. We hope that this work will pave the way to offering women their own personalised risk scores for developing the disease based on various components such as genes, lifestyle factors (e.g. diet and alcohol consumption), breast density (see below) and more.