Early Detection & Screening

Mammogram - Prevent Breast Cancer

Early detection and screening is essential to ensure that an individual’s cancer is detected as early as possible and they are therefore provided with the most effective and appropriate treatment. Until we can fully prevent breast cancer through gene research, drug research and diet and lifestyle, we will continue to screen and highlight methods of detecting breast cancer earlier.

Our team is currently working on the below projects:

  • PROCAS 2 – Can risk prediction work in a clinical setting?
  • FHTomo – The project aims to identify breast cancer in high risk women aged 40-49 at as early a stage as possible to ensure they receive an effective and tailored cancer treatment plan

Under the leadership of our radiology team, we are conducting clinical trials of new methods of breast screening, and we hope this will convert into improved clinical practice over the next five years. We are also supporting projects into improving breast screening and breast awareness within minority ethnic communities.