Who benefits most from The 2-Day Diet?

Since 2001, we have funded the UK’s first research dietitian dedicated to preventing breast cancer through diet and lifestyle changes – Dr Michelle Harvie. Dr Harvie, and our Scientific Director Professor Tony Howell, wrote the best-selling book, The 2-Day Diet which has sold over 340,000 worldwide and is now available in 16 countries. The diet works on the basis that 2 days a week a person eats a reduced number of calories and carbohydrates and eats normally for the remaining 5 days – also known as intermittent dieting.

The funds raised from this book have allowed us to fund other diet and lifestyle projects, notably our most recent study – BRRIDE 2 – which, with joint funding from Pancreatic Cancer Action, looked at how the body reacts to intermittent dieting on a physiological level.

Blood Testin - Prevent Breast Cancer

Through this study, and the breast biopsies taken pre and post diet, we have discovered that some women’s cells react to the diet and some don’t. These molecules are key to seeing if the diet will reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer and therefore we would like to conduct further research to determine if a woman will benefit from the diet (if she is a responder / non-responder).