Forget Me Not

About our Early Detection & Screening Projects

Screening is essential to ensure breast cancer is caught as early as possible and that people are provided with the treatment that is right for them. Until we can completely prevent the disease through gene researchpreventative drugs and diet and lifestyle, we will continue to undertake high-quality research into improving the screening process for breast cancer.

About Forget Me Not

Recently so-called ‘overdiagnosis’ has featured prominently in the media. Thanks to improvements in the screening programme, we are able to catch cancers at very early stages. Doctors can then treat them with surgery. These early stage cancers are called ‘DCIS’ cancers and very little is currently known of why some of these early stage cancers grow into larger, more aggressive cancers, and why some of them stay in DCIS form.

Our researchers want to study this to improve the screening process for breast cancer and better inform women about their treatment options.

To do this they will gather data about these women including patient investigations, treatment, and health outcomes. This will help them to better understand which conditions lead DCIS to develop into higher grade cancers.

As well as contributing to an important debate about so-called ‘overdiagnosis’, this study aims to help doctors determine which women need surgical removal of the disease to prevent invasive cancers and which are at a low risk of invasion and could be managed without further intervention. We believe this study could also help inform screening policy.

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