Could a new blood test predict breast cancer risk?

Research released today has revealed a new blood test could have the ability to predict a woman’s risk of breast cancer up to 10 years before she is diagnosed. Here at Genesis, we know how important prediction and prevention is to create a breast cancer-free future, so we were eager to learn more about these new findings from the University College London.

The test, which could be carried out on women every five years, could identify those who are in danger of developing the disease, allowing them to work with their doctors to find out how to reduce their risk.

While Professor Gareth Evans, head of the Family History Clinic at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, welcomed the findings, he commented that more detailed research is needed to ensure the test is worthwhile.

Professor Evans said: “This is an important finding which can certainly add to breast cancer risk profiling and give hope to millions of women. However, it should be viewed with a degree of caution as more research is needed before it can enter practice.

“For example, the test isn’t specific enough to use alone and, therefore, women shouldn’t undergo radical procedures, such as a mastectomy, because the test does not predict a high enough risk.

“It may be that a positive result could indicate the need for more sensitive tests, such as MRI scans, to hopefully detect signs of breast cancer earlier, so that patients have a better chance of survival.

“Here at Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, we’re uniquely placed to validate this research as we’ve collected 10,000 DNA samples from women in Greater Manchester as part of a population study on breast cancer screening.”

This test may not be a fix-all solution, but it’s a step in the right direction towards a future free from breast cancer.

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