Whether you’re a star baker in the making, a challenge setter, or an avid runner, raising attention for Breast Cancer Awareness Month helps us protect future generations.  

Fancy getting involved this October? We have an array of great fundraising activities you can take part in for Prevent Breast Cancer this year and read on for more ways you can support us this Breast Cancer Month.

When is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are focusing on raising vital funds for the over 55,900 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year. For this Breast Cancer Month, learn and share the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and help us raise vital funds for our life-changing research.

Why is Breast Cancer Awareness Important?

To make breast cancer a preventable disease for future generations, we must raise awareness with family, friends and beyond. Breast Cancer Month is a great way to give back to charity and try to challenge yourself to try a new activity whilst raising donations. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also a clear reminder to always check your breasts and remember loved ones who lost their fight to breast cancer.  

Here’s what your support for this Breast Cancer Awareness Month means to our community:

A breast cancer-free future means a life for my family free of the worry of ‘who’s next?’. A future free of the worry of my daughter wondering if I will be okay. A future free of the worry of my mother praying she will not lose another child! – Leony McPherson 

A breast cancer-free future means a life for my family free of the worry of ‘who’s next?’. A future free of the worry of my daughter wondering if I will be okay. A future free of the worry of my mother praying she will not lose another child! – Leony McPherson 

Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Brews That Matter: Host a Pink Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pop the kettle on, and grab a slice of cake, as it’s time to raise funds to prevent breast cancer. Whether it’s a family get-together or a treat for your colleagues, organising a Pink Afternoon Tea helps fund our vital research. Wow, your guests with Suz’s Mini Boob Cupcakes or curb your chocolate cravings with Fi’s Fudgy Brownies

Depending on the size of your event, your free Pink Afternoon Tea fundraising pack can include goodies such as:

  • Top tips for planning your Pink Afternoon Tea
  • Posters and invitations to promote the event
  • Fundraising ideas like a book of raffle tickets, a pink quiz, and a sweepstake game
  • Collection boxes, cake labels, balloons, information leaflets, and how-to-check-yourself cards

Request your free fundraising pack today!

Start Those Conversations That Are Easier Over a Brew

We know talking about breast cancer can be difficult, but we must speak up and have the necessary conversations with our family and friends. A Pink Afternoon Tea is not only the perfect excuse for a catch-up with loved ones but also a chance to raise awareness and funds in a safe space!

“The best thing you can do is to talk to your family members and break the taboo. It’s brought us together, it’s made us more aware, and I think everybody needs to be aware of it.” – Candy Ekanoye

“It’s time to have the conversation with ourselves, and especially our mums, aunties, and grandmothers.” – Sade Oludoyi

Why Not Try a Sponsored Hike?

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A hike is a great way to challenge yourself and raise funds to Prevent Breast Cancer. We have an array of walking challenges for all ranges including a Kilimanjaro Trek! It’s a great way to tick a challenge off your bucket list or test yourself to new limits.

More Ways To Fundraise For Prevent Breast Cancer

Wear It Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Looking for some other ways to support our mission this Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Head to our events page to see what’s on in October, visit our online shop where 100% of funds go towards supporting our vital research, or organise your very own fundraiser.

You can also make a one-off donation or set up a monthly payment plan to support our vital cancer research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

Book a Health Hour Awareness Talk

Health talk

October is a great time to book a Health Hour Awareness Talk to highlight the importance of checking regularly and raising understanding of the importance of preventing breast cancer.

Our talks are suitable for an array of environments from schools and universities to companies. Book your Health Hour Awareness Talk today!

‘I didn’t check myself regularly before my diagnosis and feel so lucky to have found it the way I did. I don’t have a family history of breast cancer and have two young daughters, so I’m passionate about the focus of Prevent Breast Cancer’s work around early detection, and research into risk factors for women like myself, which will apply to future generations including my girls.’ – Victoria Merrill

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