Annice Mukherjee

Annice Mukherjee

Dr Annice Mukherjee is a leading UK hormone specialist, speaker and author with 3 decades of experience in hospital medicine. Her specialism in hormones from the early days has always focussed on optimising quality of life in relation to hormone problems. Annice’s work has focussed on women’s health and she has an international profile in the field of menopause.

Annice currently works full time as a Consultant Endocrinologist in the private sector and was an NHS Consultant at Salford Royal Hospital Trust until 2019, having worked in the NHS for 27 years.

Annice has held an elected national position on the Society for Endocrinology national programme committee and the Society’s clinical committee. She contributes to the Society’s patient website “You and Your Hormones”. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and member of the British Menopause Society and British Thyroid Association. Annice featured in the channel 4 menopause documentary “Sex, mind and the menopause” in 2022 with Davina McCall and has featured in menopause stories in the media including BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 live and broadsheet newspapers.

Annice is the author of “The Complete Guide to the Menopause” which was published by Penguin Random House in January 2021.

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