Angelina’s decision to have her ovaries removed

Lester Barr, chairman of Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention, said: “For women who carry the mutated BRCA1 gene, the risks extend not only to breast cancer, but also to cancer of the ovaries. One of the treatment options is the removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, which subsequently removes the chance of these organs developing cancer. This is a very personal choice and is always a difficult one for women to make, however it is the only way to be completely sure that the risk of cancer is made as small as possible.


“Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy in 2013 brought the subject of preventative surgery firmly into the spotlight. Following her announcement, our researchers found that the number of high-risk women in the UK enquiring about their own options more than doubled.


“Her story is proof that one high-profile case can do immense amounts for public awareness – hopefully we will see a similar increase in women at risk of developing familial ovarian cancer come forward for preventative treatments over the coming months.”