Adam Maloyd is running the Wooler Trail Marathon on 19th November for Prevent Breast Cancer


What made you want to fundraise for Prevent Breast Cancer?

I decided to take on the Wooler Trail Marathon in aid of the charity Prevent Breast Cancer as it focuses on funding ground-breaking research to prevent breast cancer for future generations.

This research means a lot to our family, as we have been greatly affected by breast cancer recently. My wife, Helen, bravely took the choice to have preventative surgery this year to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer.

Helen made this decision because in 2015 my sister in law, Laura, was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 29, this was devastating news and a shock to our family. Thankfully, following successful surgery and chemotherapy, after a very tough year Laura was given the all clear. During the course of her treatment we found out that Laura and Helen have the BRCA1 gene mutation, meaning that they have a much higher risk of breast and Ovarian cancer.

It is our hope that through further research there will be a greater understanding of the risks for people with gene mutations and that in the future there will be much less invasive treatments for those with a greater risk of developing cancers.

How are you finding the training?

I’ve really enjoyed the training, my running and fitness has improved greatly this year and I have enjoyed the process of learning more about running specific training.  I have completed several events as part of my training where I ran my first marathon and ran my fastest ever 10 km in 44 minutes 4 seconds.  I also ran with my four year old son for the first time in a local 1.5 km event, which was fantastic and I was so proud of him.

Adam Maloyd Wooler Trail Marathon Blog Image Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK

How are you finding the fundraising?

I’m over the moon with how generous everybody has been, I’ve already increased my target fundraising amount from £500 to £1000!  Though it did take me a long time to send out my first emails and social media posts as I felt very self-conscious and nervous about going public and asking for donations.  I shouldn’t have worried as everyone has been extremely supportive.

What are you looking forward to most on event day?

The challenge of pushing myself further than I have before, seeing how my body and mind deals with running 28.5 miles over 6000 feet of hills and hopefully the scenery (depending on the weather!)

What is your advice for others who are thinking of signing up to a challenge event?

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and set yourself some smaller challenges leading up to the main event to keep you motivated!  I feel fit and ready for the Wooler Trail Marathon but should probably have done some more long runs in training!

You can still donate to Adam’s page by visiting