Since 2014 our research strategy consists of four pillars:-

  • Gene Research
  • Drug Research
  • Improved Screening and Early Diagnosis
  • Diet and Lifestyle Research

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Our overall aim is to make breast cancer a preventable disease for future generations. In order for our research to continue it is vital that the Prevent Breast Cancer team and all of our supporters continue to raise funds. You can read more about our fundraising and how you can Get Involved by clicking here.


  • 2016 sees Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention become Prevent Breast Cancer.
  • Our new name enables us to reach more people in need of our help and make our mission and vision more clear and transparent.
  • But our history is still the same.

2009 to 2013

  • Since 2011 our researchers have been involved with over 164 papers published in medical journals.
  • The 2-Day Diet (published in 2013) was number 4 on the Sunday Times Bestselling Manual List for 2013.
  • The PROCAS Study is one of the largest recruiting medical studies in the UK.
  • Prevent Breast Cancer Research and our experts regularly feature in the national and international press.
  • We continue to fund Dr Michelle Harvie, the first UK dietitian focussed on preventing breast cancer.
  • We have demonstrated that regular MR scans are effective in young high risk women, a policy now adopted in NICE guidelines.
  • We have demonstrated that hormone altering tablets such as tamoxifen, raloxifene and Aromatase inhibitors are effective in lowering breast cancer risk in selected women, a policy now adopted in NICE guidelines.


With one in ten women in the UK affected by breast cancer, the charity launches its new campaign asking supporters to “Join the fight to make 1 in 10, none in 10”. Fundraising is focused on creating a future without breast cancer by supporting the people, projects and research teams who are based at The Nightingale Centre. (This statistic has now been updated to reflect the fact that 1 in 9 women will now be diagnosed with breast cancer.)


Genesis successfully raises the £2 million it originally pledged and the new centre opens in August 2007.  An official Opening Ceremony marks the occasion, where the Genesis Team and its supporters break the Guinness World Record for the longest ribbon cutting. BBC North West Tonight presenter Gordon Burns leads several hundred supporters in a mass ribbon-cutting event.


The fundraising total heads to £2 million with several rooms in the new building dedicated to our hard-working supporters, including the Rainbow Room dedicated to Liz Ashworth and the Lecture Theatre dedicated to The Oddfellows.


  • September 2005 – A ceremonial turf cutting ceremony is held at the site of the Breast Cancer Prevention Centre with Diane Modahl patron and fundraiser cutting the turf with fellow trustees Pam Glass, Nicky Barr and Mary Wilson.
  • August 2005 – The foundations for the building began with the clearing of the site.
  • July 2005 – The Genesis Rose is launched at the Royal Horticultural Society Show at Tatton Park by David and Jan Bentley.
  • April 2005 – Dr Michelle Harvie is awarded the Rose Simmonds Memorial Award for establishing the danger of weight gain among women breast cancer patients.
  • March 2005 – The Strategic Health Authority agree to pledge £12.5 million for the building of the centre and architects Gilling Dod are commissioned to design the centre with Laing O’Rourke appointed as the construction engineers.

2000 to 2004

A new fundraising initiative to build “Europe’s First Purpose Built Breast Cancer Prevention Centre” is launched.

Our first paid employees were taken on to run a more professionally based team and a media campaign gives us wide exposure and PR. We are chosen as Manchester City Football Club’s charity and launch two thousand balloons to celebrate the first game played at the City of Manchester Stadium. Each balloon signifies one of the 2000 women in the Greater Manchester area who will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year. A donation of £50,000 enables Genesis to establish a temporary prevention centre and Withington Hospital, close to the Nightingale Centre. Agreement is reached with Rodale Publishers to publish ‘The Genesis Diet and Lifestyle Book’, being written by Dr Michelle Harvie. Dr Michelle Harvie, the only research dietician in the country specialising in breast cancer prevention is funded by Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention.

November 2003 – Genesis reaches its one million-pound milestone and celebrates with a visit to the Nightingale Centre by Cherie Booth QC who is an honorary patron of the Appeal. Ms Booth said, “The Genesis Appeal aims to create a future without breast cancer. I genuinely believe that through sustained effort and support this dream can become a reality.”

In 2004, Diane Modahl takes part in “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” and raises over £76,000.

1997 to 1999

During this period Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention continues to sponsor research in clinical genetics. It provides funds for the development of new scanning techniques at the Nightingale Centre and for the development of a new test, which could predict the severity of the disease. In June 1997 the “The Genesis National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline” is established by Wendy Watson, as a result of her own experience of a breast cancer gene within her family.


The official launch of Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention is held in May at Mere Golf and Country Club, organised by founder Trustees Pam Glass with Lester and Nicky Barr and Geoff Swarbrick. Celebrities at the launch include John Leslie, Susie Mathis, Saracen, Diane Modahl (Patron of the charity) and Wayne Fontana. The first logo is a rising sun designed by Geoff Harris, and our first corporate backers are John and Barbara Maunders.

The initial aim of Genesis was to raise funds for gene research, and the first project specifically looked at the breast cancer gene called BRCA2.