Fat Lad at the Back

Considered one of the UK’s most disruptive cycle wear brands, Fat Lad At The Back has become synonymous with inclusivity; empowering and clothing a diverse cross section of cyclists and triathletes.

Unable to find cycle wear to fit, Richard Bye launched the brand along with his wife Lynn in late 2013 and the couple have focused their attention on creating sportswear with exceptional fit, in figure flattering designs in up to 11 different (mens and women’s) sizes.

“We’re not just breaking the mold of the typical cyclist says Lynn, we’re literally creating new ones in all shapes and sizes. We don’t differentiate between young/old, fat/thin, beginner/pro – we simply make sportswear in all sizes, because all sizes of people do sports.”

Fat Lad At The Back was originally Richard’s cycling nick-name and the brand has grown a highly engaged and active social community (known as The Bulge) who support and encourage each other onto their bikes and into activity.

Despite the tongue in cheek name, the brand is serious about it’s cycle wear, using premium technical fabrics and ensuring that it’s range is ethically manufactured in Europe and the UK.

The FLAB annual big fat bike ride has become known as the friendliest Sportive in the cycling calendar and sees over 1000 ‘mates’ – many of whom have never met – going on a days bike ride together, through the glorious Yorkshire countryside.

“You only have to see how FLAB wearing cyclists interact with each other when they first meet, to appreciate how we are breaking down barriers and connecting people and to realise that we’re much more than just a cycle wear brand.” adds Richard.

Tel 01943 290069