Thank you so much to ELMC for sponsoring the production of new videos raising awareness of breast cancer symptoms, risk factors and the importance of breast screening.



The East Lancashire Masonic Charity (ELMC) is a Registered Charity (Registered Number 225151)
constituted as a company limited by guarantee (Company Number 79735). It is the principal charity
for Freemasons in the Masonic Province of East Lancashire. It is Funded entirely through the
generosity of Freemasons and their families. The Charity is the central vehicle for the delivery of Masonic charity and care on behalf of Freemasons in East Lancashire.

The East Lancashire Masonic Charity cares for and affords charitable assistance to Freemasons in
need or their widows or to any of their dependent relatives and to reach out to others in the communities in which we live who are deserving of our charitable support.

The East Lancashire Masonic Charity is compassionate and dedicated to changing people’s lives in
ways that are shown to have a positive impact for the general benefit of the public or communities
situated predominately but not exclusively in the East Lancashire area.

We aim to be a force for good by supporting other charities and good causes to help disadvantaged
people in society, principally towards the local District and their communities in the masonic
Province of East Lancashire. We focus not just on giving but on assessing the impact our contribution makes within the local population and the benefit this has for the recipient organisation.