Boutinot Wines


In theory, we’re a wine business, but really, we’re a people business. Our wine is the product of our people.

They travel the world over. They grow, harvest, make, blend and bottle. They build fantastic relationships with amazing produces. And along the way, they pick up a good story or two. All of which we bottle for you.

It’s taught us that it’s easy to make inexpensive wine. But it’s much more difficult to make good wine inexpensively. Yet this is what we pursue with passion. Because we all believe all people should be able to drink good wine.

We are wine people after all.



At Boutinot, we try quite hard to have a personality rather than a corporate identity. Our DNA is a special mix of people and wines, and we intend to keep it that way. Our business evolves around our values and passion for great quality. Our people share the values we place on our wines – authentic, individual, slightly wonky or different at times, but always with a heart. Boutinot is a vibrant and growing international business, full of passionate and friendly people, who are want to make a difference.

Here are a few words from Michelle at Boutinot –

After speaking to the charity and reading all the information, I realised that the statistics of the disease are a lot worse than I knew. The work that Prevent Breast Cancer do helping those affected with their everyday lives is amazing and I wanted to help. Whilst the amount I could do was little it was still a little more help. If I could only raise enough for one person to have a scan then that is one person helped!

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