Asian Women’s Health

The Asian Women’s Health Awareness project aims to:

  • Support
  • Inform
  • Communicate
  • Promote breast awareness

Uptake for breast screenings among Asian women is extremely low and more needs to be done to ensure that all Asian women are aware of how a breast screening is conducted and the need for women of this ethnicity to be aware of their overall risk.


We provide support to Asian breast cancer patients in their own language and respect their cultural needs. The project is a valuable forum in which to interact and share experiences with others and provide support to newly diagnosed patients as well as survivors of breast cancer.


We consider what information is available at various steps of a patient’s journey; whether a leaflet or pamphlet needs updating; translation into common Asian languages depending on the patients we serve; helping to develop written, audio and video materials.


We support health professionals in communicating effectively with patients e.g. is it meeting their needs; how we can improve it? The role of interpreters and health professionals. This gives patients more effective choice about how information is communicated to them.

Promote Breast Awareness

We have built an effective programme to raise breast awareness in South Asian women. We promote research and participation in clinical trials and give this input to various research projects that represent the interests of Asian patients to help increase participation of these patients in various trials.

Since it’s conception in 2010, the project has produced a successful support group called Asian Breast Cancer Support Group (ABC) as well as the Cross Cultural Communication Skills Training (CCC) and both take place twice a year.

If you would like further information please call 0161 291 4400 or email