We’ve got something very different but also invaluable to share with you today. You could call it some much appreciated, motherly advice! And it comes in the form of an incredible book that will make you laugh, learn something new and make a contribution to the work of Prevent Breast Cancer!

Prevent Breast Cancer are honoured to be the charity to benefit from a brand-new book which sums up all the most important life lessons you would have passed on to your kids if only you’d had a bit more time. 50 Things I Wish I’d Told You: Life Skills is a beautiful book with incredible advice, hilarious quips and heart-warming illustrations that you’ll want to pass onto all your friends and family – not just your children!

50p of the author proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to Prevent Breast Cancer, the only UK charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer.

50 Things I Wish I'd Told You: Life Skills Prevent Breast Cancer

About the Book

Life is full of valuable lessons, yet none more so than those passed from parent to child. Whilst mothers and fathers always mean to pass on their esteemed nuggets of wisdom, time and practicalities often get in the way. The time to fly the nest comes around quickly, and some of those lessons may come in handy. 50 Things I Wish I Told You captures all of these intentions, from practical lessons on how to make a bed, how to iron a shirt and how to rent your first flat to personal advice on the perfect handshake and making small talk. These are the lessons that would have been passed on had there been a few more hours in the day.

Including amusing guides on how to curb bad habits and invaluable tips on keeping a plant alive, 50 Things I Wish I’d Told You is illustrated throughout by celebrated artist Laura Quick, with her characteristic drawings both poignant and comical. This book at once reassures, encourages, enlightens and amuses and is the perfect gift for any parent who didn’t quite have enough time to declare all their wisdom.

About the Author

Polly Powell is the owner of an independent book publisher, and mother to two children who have both flown the nest. In 2017 she was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. Now fully recovered, the experience led her to re-evaluate her parenting skills. Racked with guilt about all the things she hadn’t told her children, she set about compiling a list of things she thought it essential to know in order to fully appreciate and enjoy adult life. In her non-publishing life, she helps promote the work of Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, architects of the Barbican. She is also a Non-Executive Director of the National Gallery’s commercial company. She lives in London with her family and her devilish beagle.

Thank you to Polly and everyone at Pavilion Books for supporting us through this amazing book! And to everyone who goes on to buy the book and support our vital work.

To buy your copy, just visit https://preventbreastcancer.org.uk/shop/merchandise/50-things-i-wish-id-told-you-life-skills/