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Polly Powell 50 Things I Wish I'd Told You: Life Skills Prevent Breast Cancer Charity UK
Polly Powell

After given the all clear in February 2018 I decided that I wanted to help make a difference to the battle against breast cancer. As a book publisher by profession, I naturally enough thought that some sort of publishing endeavour could be my way of making a contribution. The idea for my book, 50 THINGS I WISH I’D TOLD YOU: LIFE SKILLS, came to me in a flash of motherly guilt. Like everyone who gets the diagnosis, I had to consider the ‘what if?’ What if I wasn’t around for my children in the future and what were all the things I should have told them. So, I set about compiling a list of light-hearted things that I felt might smooth their path in life – from the simple (be nice to people) to the more complicated (the correct way to iron a shirt), the book not only deals with the boring stuff, but also tells them how to mix the perfect Martini (and the perfect hangover cure). I felt that there was a market for a book that parents could quietly slip into their children’s backpack as they set off to College, University or New Home, and breathe a sigh of relief.

I chose Prevent Breast Cancer because of the research work they are doing into the effects of food and lifestyle on the development of the disease. As a publisher of cookbooks, it seemed a natural selection. My aim is to raise £50,000 – whether I do it is another matter, but I am a great believer in just getting on with things, in some ways the same attitude I took to treatment. I look back now and can laugh at the moment I announced to a summer lunch party that I was just too hot and the wig was coming off. These experiences can shape us, but they can’t beat us!

You can purchase a copy of ’50 Things I wish I’d told you: Life Skills’ from the Prevent Breast Cancer shop, just click the link to find out more:

50 Things I Wish I'd Told You: Life Skills Prevent Breast Cancer

Polly recently did a Vlog with sustainable clothing brand, Cucumber Clothing, and you can view this here.

Polly Powell

Polly Powell is a book publisher who decided to write this book for her two children as they faced the prospect of moving out of home and into student digs at university. Wracked with motherly guilt about all the things she hadn’t managed to tell them, she embarked on identifying and explaining the 50 most important life-skills that had somehow slipped through the net. She lives in hope of seeing the perfectly ironed shirt.