Here is a selection of 30 challenges that hopefully will both inspire, and tickle your fancy. So come join us for the 30 Day Challenge, the future you will love you for it! 


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1. If you’re one of these people who start your day with a visit to the local coffee shop, forgo your daily splurge, and donate the money to charity instead.

2. If your daily life involves using the bus, try getting off a few stops before you normally would, so that you get some fresh air, and exercise.

3. Are your fingernails the site of a self-inflicted massacre? Do your friends look at your nails in despair? Challenge yourself to 30 days of a bite free existence!

4. Why not bring a healthy packed lunch into work each day, instead of relying on the canteen or junk food laden convenience shops. You will save money, and guarantee you will eat well.

5. Is social media taking over your life? Does looking at people’s lives on Facebook make you feel a bit jealous? Give yourself a break from social media for 30 days, and revert back to a time when you didn’t know what your next door neighbour had had for dinner, and you weren’t bombarded with cute pictures of cats on a daily basis.

6. If you don’t regularly eat breakfast, challenge yourself to start off each day with a nutritious breakfast, which in turn will kick start your metabolism.

7. If you’re a smoker, try to cut down, or if you’re feeling strong enough, challenge yourself to go completely cold turkey.

8. Do you have a chocolate or biscuit habit? Try give up, and say swap with a piece of fruit if you’re desperate for a sweet fix!

9. If you normally eat your lunch at your desk whilst at work, try to make time to have a proper break, perhaps even eat outside, or at least in your work canteen away from your computer.

10. Aim to drink two litres of water each day without fail. After 30 days, it will be second nature.

11. Ever seen a class at your local gym, or a sport you’ve always fancied having a go at, but you’ve been too scared, or perhaps too busy? Then sign yourself up! Taekwondo you say…bring it on! 

12. Is your house cluttered? Could you do with a few extra pennies? How about having a declutter over 30 days, and maybe having a car boot sale, or using websites such as Ebay and Gumtree. Or you could just donate all your unwanted goods to charity.

13. Do you and your partner/family eat in front of the television, or eat at different times as you’re always on the go. How about making a big deal of your evening meal, and taking your time to have a proper catch up, without the distraction of the TV.

14. When faced with a lift or escalator, choose the stairs over both each time.

15. Ever considered learning a foreign language, or perhaps brushing up on one? Download an app, and try learning a sentence, or new piece of vocabulary daily. You’ll be an expert before you know it.

16. Is your day or evening organised around certain TV shows. How about giving up watching television, or if that seems too extreme, cut down on how much you watch. Spend this time catching up with loved ones, or taking more exercise.

17. Are you a lady who wakes up with yesterday’s makeup valiantly still clinging to your face? Give yourself the challenge to get into a proper beauty regime each night for the 30 days. Your skin will thank you for it.

18. Are you prone to the odd swear word, or perhaps maybe more?! You could try giving it up and setting up a ‘cheat box’ for each time you accidentally turn the air blue!

19. Do you find that you constantly compare yourself to others? In today’s society, with the ferocity of social media, it has become a common occurrence. For 30 days, aim to stop comparing in a negative way, and be grateful for who you are. Be more positive about the wonderful person you are, and everything that you have to offer.

20. Why not try giving up alcohol for 30 days? Or even just cutting down.

21. How about challenging yourself to learn a new word each day as part of your challenge? The future scrabble player in you will love you for it!

22. Do you need more sleep? Perhaps you struggle with your sleep? For your challenge, make sleep your priority. Try having an early night each evening, and aid sleep with the introduction of say lavender oil, or a bath/shower before bed.  A hot milky drink also works wonders, as do foods such as bananas and peanuts. Try to introduce a routine of perhaps yoga, or reading a book also.

23. Are you a convenience food fan? Challenge yourself to banish convenience foods for 30 days. Not only will your bank balance thank you, but your diet will also be vastly improved.

24. Challenge yourself to give more compliments to those around you. Not only will this make you feel better about yourself, but you will bring increased happiness to those you come into contact with.

25. Do you find yourself always putting things off? Do you pay your bills for example at the last minute? Do you set yourself a task, but always delay it? For your challenge, make yourself more organised. Get those bills paid. Get that appointment booked that you keep putting off. Be proactive in getting organised.

26. If you’re the sort of person that flutters away money, challenge yourself to really put thought into your purchases, and ask yourself if you really need something. Only buy what you most definitely require over your challenge.  Think of all the money you could save by the end.

27. Smile more for your challenge. This will not only heighten your own mood, but will bring increased joy to those around you…and a smile costs nothing.

28. Do something every day that makes you feel happy or evokes memories of a special time in your life. Look at photos, read old letters or even ring a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

29. How about challenging yourself to being more active in your community? This could be as simple as collecting litter on a walk, or you could join a group that helps those less fortunate within your community.

30. Try out new recipes for 30 days, and get yourself out of the rut of always eating the same foods. Make meal times fun again, and not a chore.